K-home Successfully Signed The Kenya Container Office Project

- Nov 20, 2019-

After Somalia ordered a 2 million military packaged box project, K-home received another million orders - successfully signed the Kenya Container Office project.

Three years ago, K-home cooperated with Kenyan customers and successfully “planted” a container office full of landscapes on a lonely island.

Three years later, after seeing the container office that was blown by the sea breeze for more than 1,000 days and nights, Kenyan customers resolutely ordered 150 container offices.

In 2016, the container office stands on the island


“I’ve been listening to my colleagues’ praise for K-home’s container office. I’m seeing it for the first time. I’ve only thought of one word – worthy of the name!” Kenyan’s Purchasing Manager faces the continuous container office, praised Love is beyond words.

Container office internal structure


Three years later, the breeze of the sea breeze and the erosion of the waves did not seem to have caused any damage to the container office. It still stood on the island, with roots and steel bones, and followed the roar of the sea breeze and the roar of the earth.

No temporary building can be like K-home's container office, which is timeless and indestructible.

In 2016, the low-cost mobile homes were widely used in the Linjian market. The high-end safe packing boxes were left unattended because of the high price. At that time, the construction site with the activity room became the default combination of many enterprises and units, and the project construction was once synonymous with Low.

The emergence of K-home prefabricated modular houses, like the hurricane, blew away the prejudice against the construction of the project, awakened the conscience of the company and the unit, and began to pay attention to the basic rights that workers should enjoy – replacing the low-cost with high-end packing boxes. The mobile home provides employees with comfortable working conditions and a beautiful office environment.

K-home became the first warrior in China's Linjian--with a high-end packaging box as the main element, building a comfortable and comfortable container office on an empty island.

The container office has a total of 120 packing boxes with a building area of 2,160 square meters, including functional areas such as offices, conference rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and restaurants.

In 2019, Kenyan customers had to build an office on the basis of the original container office because of business needs. This time, they did not hesitate to choose our packing box office and cooperate with K-home again.

This is another recognition and affirmation of Kenyan customers for K-home's service capabilities and industry status in the construction industry!

“Kenya customers choose us again, in addition to the quality of our products is hard enough, but also look at our unique service. Really, than the service, the whole industry is better than us.” Ava Liu, the general manager of K-home, who has always been humble But hegemony speaks for himself.

For many years, K-home has been adhering to the "professional communication fast" six-word rumor, and is committed to providing customers with the highest quality communication with the fastest speed and the most professional professional skills. The K-home service model runs through a set of project processes throughout the design, production, installation, and after-sales. For example, hire well-known designers to design a design plan; set up an experienced construction team; equip high-tech project managers to stay in the factory; create a professional sales team to provide customers with quality services.

For K-home, it is an opportunity and a challenge to work with Kenyan customers again after a few years.

Opportunity, let K-home have the opportunity to glitter their own glorious life; challenge, let K-home become the best of yourself.