K-home New Temporary Housing Project

- Oct 10, 2019-

This is our new project of 300 sets of container houses for our customer.

Usually the color of our wall panel is silver grey or white grey, blue, red etc.

EPS sandwich panel 01

EPS roof sandwich panel 01

Rock wool sandwich panel 01

According to the requirement of the customer, and the quantity of the container house, we specially manufacture the camouflage color sandwich panel.

Rock wool sandwich panel 02

Rock wool sandwich panel 03

The sandwich panel is composed of two layers of formed metal panels (or other material panels) and a polymer insulated inner core which is directly foamed and matured in the middle of the panel, which is convenient for installation, light weight and high efficiency. The filling system also uses a closed-cell molecular structure to prevent condensation of water vapor.

Sandwich panels are a common product in current building materials, not only good flame retardant, but also environmentally friendly and efficient.