K-Home is Your Best Choice

- Jul 18, 2019-

The advantages of choosing Henan K-home steel structure:

1. We have our own factory to ensure delivery time and the best price, not to earn the middle price like a trading company.

3. We have agent points in many African countries in Africa. We dont know that our agents will be spread across countries. We believe that maintaining close contact with customers will make them trust us more.

4. With 10 years of experience in housing production, we provide manufacturing, design, customized solutions and after-sales services to customers around the world.

5. We have 50 staff and 20 designers to provide us with professional advice.

6. We have strict management system and quality control.

7. We participate in exhibitions around the world, and we can find the houses we produce in every country. Our company goes to other countries and our national customers twice a year so that we can strengthen cooperation.

K-home news

K-home news1

There are more and more Chinese factories begin to expand their market in foreign countries,thats really a threat,but our company always focus on the quality and service,we are engaged in design, project budget, fabrication, installation of steel structure and sandwich panel with second-grade general contracting qualification.