Interpretation Of The Main Types Of Shipping By Container Manufacturers

- Mar 05, 2020-

There are many forms of shipping containers. Different forms of container houses have different places of use and abilities to resist natural disasters. Some container houses are easy to stack and stack, while some container houses are more suitable for moving. Most container houses can meet the height requirements. Container manufacturers say that there are several main types of current mainstream houses Type?

Interpretation Of The Main Types Of Shipping By Container Manufacturers

1. Dry box house container

The steel structure of the dry box type house container is the dry box structure stretched on the basis of ISO standard container. The container manufacturer will generally increase the inner and outer insulation layers and decorative plates to complete the main structure. The keel is set between the inner and outer insulation layers to increase the strength of the inner wall. The floor is made of foam type cement board or fiber cement board. The surface laying materials can be plastic floor, wood floor and bamboo wood floor Or paste floor tiles, professional container manufacturers generally use gypsum board or fiber cement board to lay wall paper.

2. Light steel keel housing container

The light steel keel house container of the container manufacturer with high cost performance can be divided into the following two forms: one is that the manufacturer assembles the house container structure in the factory, and then installs it on the base of the use site, and then connects the water and electricity for use. The container manufacturer claims that the structural plates of the house container are loaded into containers and transported to the use site by the manufacturer after the production in the factory And then the plates are assembled and formed to be ready for use.

3. Plug in house container

Plug in house containers are generally based on fixed foot standard containers. The top and bottom of such house containers of container manufacturers are equipped with corner pieces that meet the transportation requirements of ISO standard containers, and the corner pieces are equipped with components connected with corner columns, and form an overall structure with the top and bottom, so the assembly is simple and quick. The container manufacturer completes the manufacture of the whole structure of the top and bottom, corner column and insulation board in the factory, and then uses the bottom of the container as the bearing mechanism and the top as the cover plate to assemble the standard container.

On the whole, all kinds of shipping container meet the needs of different places, but the price is greatly reduced. It can provide a convenient life for many places, and life in the container house is cleaner and more comfortable. For example, the construction site and suburban business hotel have a large number of container houses, so the container manufacturers think that the popularity of such houses will be more in the future The higher.