Indonesian Customer Budi Came To Visit Our Factory And Ordered 28 Sets Container Toilets

- Apr 21, 2019-

On April 21, 2019, Budi came to our factory from Indonesia for inspection and visit, and ordered 28 sets of container toilets .

First , our foreign trade manager took Budi came to our office. We had a warm welcome ceremony for Budi, and everyone gave a warm introduction. Buddy thought we were like his old friends. 

Then our foreign trade manager took Budi to visit our factory workshop and container house. Budi saw the production and installation process of the container house in the factory. He was very satisfied with our products, and even couldn’t wait to book 28 sets of container toilets, and the production and delivery are required to be completed as soon as possible, because they can't wait to receive such perfect container toilets. He believes that their project manager will be very satisfied with our product!