India Project Prefab Worker Camp Installation Site

- Aug 07, 2019-

K-home prefab worker camp project installation site:

We provided a 6,80-square-meter camp for the project and a 2-story K-shaped board house worker's dormitory.

Firstly, the foundations of the surrounding walls and the partition walls are laid flat and reinforced concrete is used. The pillars are connected and the skeletons are connected by the transverse beams. The upper partitions, the outer wall panels and the door and window frames are placed. , then on the roof truss and roof slab; finally install doors and windows, etc., pull the vertical support.


The first step: according to the construction plan of the movable board room, the foundation of the construction, drying for at least 3 days, after which the wall of the board room can be built. Immediately in the plan view, lay the ground beams on the inner side of the double line, connect them with explosive bolts, and build the columns at each joint angle and one of the ground beams. Note: Double-slanted columns are built on both sides of the board gable.

Step 2: Assembling the wall on the ground according to the various views of the construction drawing, riveting the aluminum material with the 5.2 rivet at the bottom end, remembering to cut out the position of the door and window according to the position of the construction drawing, and riveting the aluminum material Frame, note: the board and the board are not riveted first, but the tile is assembled first to fix the position of the door and window and to rive the aluminum frame of the door and window.


The third step: according to the floor plan of the board room, the plates of the various positions that have been assembled are stood up one by one, the plates are riveted with rivets, the outer corners are riveted with arc aluminum, and the inner corners are angled aluminum. Riveting.

Step 4: According to the large wave tile distribution map in the construction plan of the movable board room, cover the large-scale tile with the above-mentioned figure, and use 75 self-tapping screws to link.

Step 5: Rive the upper ridge tile on the ridge of the movable panel. The gable is connected to the gable to close the sill, and the sill is connected to the sink. (The roof type has no roof and ridge tiles.) Finally, each layer of the roof of the board room and each rivet are coated with glass glue, and the outer wall gap and the window are covered with glass glue.

The main functional areas of the camp are the dormitory area, the recreation room, the dining hall and the living area. It can well meet the needs of workers.

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