How To Transport Container Houses?

- Jun 27, 2018-

1. Verify the specifications, quantity, and number of the products to be shipped, check whether the product is intact, and mark it on each roll of paper after verification. Inform the truck driver and customer service specialist before delivery. Preparation.


2. Information feedback: notify the foreign trade to check the receipt of the container · notify the customer service commissioner to take pictures and notify the truck driver to pack.


3. Acceptance of the container: check the container number and the box number to ensure that the product is installed on the designated container.


4. Packing inspection: check the internal hygiene of the container, remove garbage, water, etc., pay attention to safety, prevent damage, check the product number, specification, quantity, and barrel number; end the packing on the triangle wood, lock the lead lock in the lock position And seal the seal;


5. Containers are shipped;