How To Move The Container Booth Position

- Jan 23, 2017-

Considering the characteristics that container booths can move freely, many customers now choose to make mobile container booths. I don’t know if there are any users in the process of using the booths, they will find that the position of the booth is not ideal. Move to other places? However, because the scale of the booth is large and the weight is not light, the time of the movement should not only take into account the safety of the personnel and the wear and tear of the booth itself. The following is how the mobile booths can be more convenient and useful.

The general consideration of moving booths is the volume and weight of the booth. Therefore, the booth manufacturers believe that when moving the booth, it is not advisable to rely on manpower to carry. In the event of an accident, it is very simple to injure the staff, preferably with the appropriate mechanical equipment. The most common mobile device is the forklift. There are two types of forklifts. One is a manual hydraulic forklift. It is more powerful to move some small-sized booths. The other is a mechanical-powered forklift. If the size of the booth is large and the weight is heavy, then it is recommended to use a mechanical power forklift. It will be safer.

When using the forklift to move the booth, it is necessary to hold the arm of the forklift truck from the bottom to support the floor structure of the booth, and at the same time ensure that the force at the bottom of the booth is even. Some large-scale booths, the length of the forklift arm is not enough, can use a special extended version of the arm.

In the time of using the mobile booth, the staff needs to grasp the center of gravity of the booth at any time. Once the center of gravity of the booth is found to be unstable, it cannot be forced to move. Avoid accidents. Some scales and large booths are very difficult to move, and many users will choose to use a crane to move. In the time of using the crane, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the booth cannot be directly attached to the rope, which is very simple to form the deformation of the booth. The booth manufacturer advocates that the position of the bound rope should be fixed with a relatively solid strip to relieve the pressure on the point of force and ensure the shape of the booth as much as possible.