How To Install Rock Wool Sandwich Panel?

- Nov 11, 2019-

I. Basic layer interface treatment: the wall surface should be cleaned, cleaned with oil stains, and cleaned with floating ash. The loose and weathered parts of the wall should be removed. The protrusion on the wall surface should be removed when it is larger than 10mm. In order to make the adhesion of the base layer uniform and homogeneous, the wall should be treated with an interface. The interface mortar can be evenly coated with a spray gun or a roller brush to ensure that all the walls are treated by the interface. Brick walls and aerated concrete walls should be wetted by water before the interface treatment. When blocking the eyes and discarded holes, clean the debris, dust and other things in the hole, water the water, and then use 1:3 cement. The mortar will make up the masonry.

II. Hanging vertical and elastic control line: Determine the method of placing the line according to the height of the building. Use the big corner of the wall and the door window to find the vertical line with the theodolite, and find the rule of the low carbon steel wire. The horizontal horizontal line can be up to the 500mm line according to the floor elevation. Interlace control for horizontal reference lines. According to the vertical line and the thickness of the insulation, the control line is bounced on both sides of each corner of the frame, and the horizontal line is used as a marker block.

III. Installation of rock wool board: (frame sticking method + expansion bolt anchoring)

  1. Rock wool should be uniformly coated with interface mortar on both sides of the rock wool board in the factory or at the construction site with special interface mortar. The interface mortar can be applied by spraying, rolling, or brushing.

  2. When pasting the rock wool board, firstly apply about 5~10mm thick rock wool bonding mortar on the wall surface, then paste it on the rock wool board bonding surface with the bonding mortar and paste it gently. Cotton board surface. The next step of the construction process is carried out after 24 hours. When the rock wool board is attached to a non-standard size, it can be cut on site. When cutting, it should be noted that the size of the edge is neat, and the slit should be perpendicular to the surface of the polystyrene board. When affixing, it should be laid in order from bottom to top and horizontal direction, and the upper and lower seams should be pasted, and the corners should be staggered and interlocked.

  3. Drill holes in the bolt mounting part according to the construction drawing, and fix the large disc in the drilling position with U-shaped clips. At least 3 anchors are provided on the wall of each meter width, and there are at least 2 anchors on each rock wool board. The expansion bolts should be arranged according to the drawings.