How To Choose An Integrated House

- Apr 13, 2016-

As a commonly used equipment in the modern transportation industry, integrated houses have been used more and more in other aspects. The use of environmentally friendly materials and the use of energy-saving skills have made integrated houses a representative construction of green construction. It will also become the development direction of future housing construction. So, how do we choose a good integrated house?

Advocating the choice of steel structure houses. There are two types of integrated houses in the market: one is a board house and the other is a steel house.

Although the integrated house is “green” in a certain sense, its choice of materials will waste a lot of forest resources, and the two shortcomings such as mildew and insects can hardly be prevented. Compared with other creations, the steel structure has advantages in application, planning, construction and inductive economy, and the cost is low, so it can be moved at any time. It has good insulation performance, high seismic resistance, and can reduce energy consumption by 50%, and there is no need to worry about mildew and insects.

Moreover, when choosing a house box, attention should be paid to the quality, and relatively speaking, the effect of heat insulation and sound insulation is very poor. If it is lived, it will be very uncomfortable, and because of its special raw materials, it will be more expensive to decorate than the average house. Therefore, the steel is the same as all the steel. If it takes a long time, it will rust. This requires protection. Even if it is protected, the useful time will not be long. It usually needs to be replaced once in a few years, and the internals are taken. The painting method is good in winter. When the summer arrives, under the direct sunlight, it will emit a strong lacquer smell, which will cause damage to the human body. These house boxes generally appear on the construction site, and the living environment is simple and suitable. For short-term construction, workers are temporarily occupied, and they do not advocate long-term residence. Open the lunch.

The integrated houses can reach the standards of green construction. The main reasons are: the use of environmentally-friendly materials, and the second is the professional planning to combine the various components of the house to achieve the energy-saving effect of the house.