Happy News! K-home Newly Signed 220 Sets Of Military Container House In Africa!

- Aug 19, 2019-

Recently, K-home signed a cooperation agreement with Africa's famous enterprises, and K-home will export 220 sets high-quality container house to Africa. We will provide a complete container house solution for the needs of our customers.

In just one year, this is the company's second big contract with K-home.

The total number of exports is 220 sets of containers, including office container,container duty room, container dormitory, container restaurant, container bathroom and other supporting facilities.

As a well-known construction company in Africa, the group attaches great importance to this cooperation with the military. The requirements for the safety, comfort and aesthetics of the container home required by the military are very strict. How to use containers to achieve stability and comfort. The military camp has become a difficult problem to be solved.

After signing the contract, K-home attaches great importance to a series of problems after the sale. Our marketing department and technical department are ready to work overtime to respond to customer needs and design the layout and installation of the container . We have won the trust and support of our customers again.

Africa military camp dormitory and restaurant layout


The absolute advantage of the mobile container home “simple structure, fast installation, mobile at any time, green and environmental protection” makes it fit perfectly with the needs of engineering construction.

Africa military camp electric circuit installation diagram


K-home is freely combined with containers to create a variety of modes such as offices, duty rooms, dormitories, restaurants, and bathrooms. This mode not only makes the production process simple and fast, but also saves production costs and enables customers to obtain more benefits.

Africa installation site


About K-home export

Up to now, K-home container products have been exported to Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, Indonesia, the Philippines, Iceland, Singapore, Australia and more than 80 countries and regions, ranking the top three in the industry.