Ground Level Office Built In Two Weeks

- Dec 18, 2020-

The ground level office project is a special one, we received the inquiry in the october, the clients need us to provide a special office design with glass wall, also the shipping time is urgent.


The ground level office need do some customized changes, such as the wall panel, the corner of house, the stair, the terrace, also there are risks to transport the glass, conider this, our engineer decide to divide the big glass to small and divide the stair to many parts to make the later installation easier and make the stair more stable, to make the house more beautiful, we add a protective membrane to reflex the light, this is the first time to do 2 storey glass wall office, and it's got a great response.


Having done a number of similar projects, we have accumulated professional experience in the field of ground level office. if you have similar needs, we can have a professional team and products for you.