German Customer Martin Visited The Factory And Purchased Our Container Hotels

- Nov 28, 2016-

On November 28th, 2016, Martin came to our factory with the promise of the foreign trade manager one month ago, and signed a contract with us for a container hotel (composed of 42 standard containers).

On the first day of Martin's arrival at our company, our colleagues took Martin to visit our production workshop and some projects in China. During the visit, our foreign trade manager and Martin skillfully explained our products and production processes, and provided free design solutions. Martin is very recognized for our factory strength and product quality.


The next day, Martin's trip was coming to an end. After careful consideration, Martin decided to sign a contract with our company, a hotel consisting of 42 standard containers. These include all interiors such as beds, TVs, air conditioners, wardrobes, tables and chairs, coffee tables, and integrated bathrooms.




Next, we will invest in intense production work, we strive to quality first, to provide customers with satisfactory products!

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