Folding Container Mobile Home Market Has Great Potential

- Oct 21, 2019-

Recently, CCTV reported on a new container hotel developed by a company in London, England. The appearance of this container hotel is no different from that of a normal container mobile home. The unique feature is that it can be folded, and the front and rear baffles can be folded together, which saves a lot of space during transportation. Ordinary container mobile homes are based on sea-based second-hand containers. Due to their large size, each trailer can only transport one or two. Folding container mobile homes can greatly improve the efficiency of transportation, and the load of a car can be four times.

In China, most of the container mobile homes are used as temporary buildings for workers on the construction site. The disadvantage is that the floor space is relatively large, and a large piece of land is still occupied when no one lives. If the technology of the folding container mobile home is mastered, it will be favored by the developers of construction sites, and it has great market potential in many fields of temporary construction.