Flat Pack Container House Promote The Development Of Temporary Construction

- Jan 14, 2020-

Recently, K-home successfully won the bid for Sinopec Henan Industrial Base to build a packaged office and accommodation integration project. This is another time for K-home to help the construction of a national petrochemical industry base, marking K -Home-made main product flat pack containers have entered the market maturity period.

flat pack container homes

The main structure of this project is the flat pack containers, which mixes the industrial meaning of the  container itself with the simple atmosphere of modern office, making it more elegant and comfortable.

"Government's strong support for green buildings has made flat pack container shine; while companies pay no attention to costs, pay attention to employees' rights, and abandon low-end cheap and extremely comfortable mobile homes, and give flat pack container house the opportunity to rise." Home Chairman Ava Liu said that the successful bidding of the Sinopec Henan Industrial Base for the construction of the flat pack container house project is another proof of the maturity of the flat pack container house products by the government and enterprises.


K-home actively promotes China's temporary construction development strategy, targeting high-end product packaging boxes in the temporary construction industry. In the case of Sinopec Henan Industrial Base construction of flat pack containers, the use of packaging boxes is modular, highly integrated, fast transportation, and recyclable The advantages of integration and superposition, vigorously practice the integration of accommodation and office projects, and help build the national petrochemical industry base.

The large-scale construction of the petrochemical industry base will bring a wider market demand for the temporary construction industry and provide a good opportunity for China's overall solution provider for the temporary construction to explore the global market. As part of China's temporary construction of flat pack containers, the demand for packaging boxes will achieve explosive growth.


As a comprehensive solution provider for China's temporary construction, K-home said that only by continuously improving the manufacturing process and modularization level of flat pack containers can it continue to strive for more high-quality construction projects, and it can stand out in the temporary construction field!