Do You Know Why The Cost Of Living In A Container Is Low?

- Apr 19, 2017-

First, saving labor costs, in fact, many houses are expensive, because labor costs are high. Compared with the number of laborers used in traditional construction methods, the number of people using containers is tightly one-third of the number of traditional construction peaks. The construction period has also been reduced to two-thirds. This not only greatly reduced the labor costs, but also shortened the creation cycle, and the production power has been greatly improved. In some extreme environments, such as severe cold regions, residential container construction will not be as simple as traditional construction methods, and it will also improve production power to a certain extent.

Second, the cost of building materials is low, and the production materials of the residents' containers are mainly industrialized production methods. The structural components are also prefabricated by the factory. Compared with the original data of the traditional construction method in the unit area, it is still much cheaper. Because the prefabricated structural members are very smooth and flat, they do not need to be plastered and decorated like traditional construction, which can save a lot of mortar construction.

Third, the construction of low-cost things, according to the traditional construction methods of the use of wooden things, many can only be used once or twice; and the steel mold used to create a container for people can be reused hundreds of times, can also be used back. The amount of construction site formwork and scaffolding has been greatly reduced. Compared with the traditional production method, the construction cost of the project is about 15%. At the same time, because of the standardized operation and the rigorous inspection process, the quality of the project is higher than the traditional operation.

The above is the reason why the resident container is more and more popular among the public. Because the resident container can follow the people's needs as a temporary residence for the construction of workers and can be used as a store for selling goods, company factories, rental houses and other wide-ranging uses has become a simple box that many people prefer. However, there are many container manufacturers in the market at present. Therefore, customers must pay attention to the reputation of the people in the container and pay attention to the cost comparison. After a number of comparisons, inductive thinking and then select a satisfactory container manufacturer.