Do You Know How To Strictly Control The Material Quality Of Prefabricated House?

- Apr 24, 2020-

Do you know how to strictly control the material quality of Prefabricated House?


The safe use of Prefabricated House eliminates the occurrence of collapse accidents. During the building of Prefabricated House, the following safety measures should be taken: the use of steel structure color steel plate Prefabricated House, structural strength, stiffness and stability, its consumer manufacturers have relatively strict technical specifications Compared with the strong technical strength, the quality can meet the requirements for the safe use of the construction site.


Make a plan to build equipment for Prefabricated House, and choose the right location for Prefabricated House. It is necessary to choose astronomical location and surrounding environment, avoid the loose land on the side of the foundation pit and the river, avoid the places and torn areas prone to tornadoes, and the front of the mobile house should avoid the main wind direction.


The height of the activity room is on the second floor. The personnel who enter the site should wear a safety hat and fasten the safety belt, and must fasten the safety belt and buckle the safety buckle when suspending the work to do its own safety and preparation.