Correct Work Attitude And Raise Awareness Of Responsibility

- Jan 06, 2020-

On January 6, 2020, K-home ;s Monday business meeting was held in the company. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Ava Liu, and all K-home family members participated in the meeting. At the meeting, Ava Liu reiterated the influence of managers ; working attitude on employees, and pointed out that the attitude of leaders of important departments can even determine the company ;s development prospects and future.

With the continuous adjustment of the company ;s organizational structure and the rapid development of the company, this has put forward higher requirements on the leader ;s own quality and sense of responsibility. As a leader, only by continuously improving the sense of responsibility and correct work attitude can we contribute to the happiness of more K-home family members.

At the meeting, everyone revisited the development process of the company, and also strengthened their confidence in the bright future of K-home. Ava Liu pointed out that attitude is everything. With a positive and responsible work attitude, leaders will dare to demand their subordinates boldly, and subordinates will go all out to complete their work.  ;Authorization is more important than command. ; Exploiting the potential of subordinates, giving them space to grow, and allowing subordinates to handle their work creatively, can motivate the entire team.

I believe that in the future, K-home leaders will lead their families with a new attitude and go to the next stop of happiness!