Container Prisons Will Be Opened In Central Africa To Ease Prison Congestion

- Oct 18, 2019-

The Cameroonian media reported on August 23 that according to a plan by the Cameroonian government to alleviate prison congestion, prisoners will serve their sentences in container prisons. This plan will be implemented as early as Christmas.

Correctional Director Edward O'Donohue said the container prisons will be housed in remote mining camps, each containing approximately two to three prisoners.

It is understood that the Bimbo Women's Prison in Central Africa will participate in this program. Langi Kal prison and Beechworth prison are also under consideration.

O'Donnell said that the container prison is expected to be put into use before Christmas. “With the Cameroonian government tightening the parole system, the capacity of the prison has begun to be challenged. The container prison is the latest solution proposed by the government to deal with prison congestion.” O'Donnell said today when he accepted the 3AW radio interview.

"Container prisons will also use GPS technology to ensure that prisoners will not jailbreak at night," O'Donnell added. It is reported that the Rimutaka prison in New Zealand has a successful precedent.

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