Container Mobile Supermarkets Are Cheap And Attractive

- Sep 30, 2019-

The container house is cheap and sturdy, and it is very convenient to move it as a whole, and it is very attractive as a new thing. Recently, Indian customer Dheeraj ordered 10 container mobile homes in K-home as a supermarket. And many people came to buy things and the business was very prosperous.

Speaking of this containerized mobile supermarket, Dheeraj is very excited. Dheeraj plans to open a supermarket in the town. At first, He wanted to build a 180-square-meter house, the cost of materials such as light cement, bricks, and steel bars would be ¥150,000, and the wages of workers would be more than ¥40,000. In addition, the interior decoration required a lot of money. .


Later, Dheeraj saw the container house in Google very popular, so he found us on the net and bought 10 container houses. Although the overall price is not much cheaper, it saves a lot of time and manpower and does not produce construction waste. In the town, Dheeraj was the first person to use a container mobile home to open a store, and many people came to buy things.

It can be seen that the container mobile home has penetrated into the ordinary people's home. In fact, there is a “good cube” supermarket chain in China, which is a container-active house-type supermarket, and it is very mature in terms of operation and scale. This supermarket also has the advantage that long-term use will not depreciate substantially. If it is not used, selling scrap iron can also recover most of the cost of purchase.