Container Mobile Home Is An Excellent Earthquake Relief Building

- Sep 30, 2019-

People can;t escape the erosion of natural disasters, and disasters once and for all, destroying people;s hearts a little bit. Container mobile homes have a solid form of construction. When the disaster strikes, people shelter from the wind and rain, and support people to protect themselves from the scorching sun and the winter from the cold wind. Container mobile homes let people get out of the pain a little bit and get out of the grief of losing their loved ones. It is not only a tool to shelter from the wind, but also a home of a beautiful soul.

On February 19, 2013, there were 8 consecutive earthquakes in Sichuan, the highest was 4.9, from 10:46 am to 22:36 pm, 8 consecutive earthquakes, damage to various houses, and many people cant gone home? In fact, the earthquake is no stranger to people;s impressions. The crying of those who have lost their hearts and minds is always in people;s minds. Those who lost their homes in the cold winter are hungry and hungry. On long nights, where do they live? When the storm comes, have they found a place to shelter from the rain, how many people have been earthquakes again and again? The body and mind are traumatic? The overall structure of the container mobile house, the fixed welding, more sturdy and safe, more wind-resistant, more earthquake-resistant, will not fall apart when the typhoon, earthquake, land subsidence and other disasters will collapse, let people escape the earthquake once and for all. Erosion of aftershocks. Moreover, its design introduces modern household elements, which are superimposed and combined in a single box. The performances of sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture proof and heat insulation are also very good.and the container mobile house does not need to be dismantled when relocating, the items in the room can move with the container house, no loss, can be hoisted, relocated, convenient and save money. Container mobile homes use these excellent characteristics to build a home that can compete with the earthquake.