Container Mobile Home Helps Complete The Reconstruction Of Houses In The Disaster Area

- Sep 26, 2019-

Container house are built fast in earthquake relief and are easy to assemble. They are very suitable for use in disaster areas. Container mobile houses play a very important role in the Wenchuan earthquake. In a few days, many people in the disaster area can be arranged to stay away from the wind and rain, giving people who have lost their homes a warm home.

In the disaster area, container houses can be well managed and managed. The equipment inside is also very complete, which can meet people ;s normal living standards. Containers can also be used as temporary housing for residents, container factories, container offices, etc. Complete the disaster relief work. The average movable board house has a service life of one or two years, and the container movable house has a service life of 20-25 years. Therefore, people in the disaster area are arranged to use different forms of housing according to different needs. Living in a big city, we may feel that the container house is a bit strange, but the container is being built in our lives in a variety of forms. Regardless of the way of use, safety issues must be considered when constructing mobile homes.

The use of color steel container houses is safer and more reliable, and the waterproof effect is very good. There is no need for other waterproofing processes. According to personal preferences, it can also be built into different decoration styles. In general, we believe that the decoration of the mobile home should be simple and not a large-scale renovation. In fact, in foreign countries, the use of smart decoration methods can reflect a very perfect decoration effect.