Container House--Walk Into Low-carbon Life

- Oct 18, 2019-

On June 29, 2018, In Changsha, Hunan, China’s first container house theme boutique hotel officially opened guest . The hotel's functional space has been transformed from 35 containers, which are used as courtyard rooms, courtyard suites, detached suites, restaurants, etc. Compared with the traditional construction method, it not only shortens the construction period cost, but also can recycles it. Due to special treatment, the hotel rooms are insulated, durable, low-carbon and energy-saving.

container hotel

The main low-carbon and environmentally-friendly building concept and the container house lifestyle have inadvertently entered our lives in an inadvertent future, which may lead to a “household revolution” in the Chinese construction industry in the near future. Compared with the traditional construction method, due to the 'factory manufacturing + on-site installation' model, container houses can reduce construction water consumption, concrete loss by about 60%, reduce construction waste and decoration waste by about 70%, save energy by half, and improve overall production efficiency. About two to three times. The container house lifestyle has brought a new idea to the people who are increasingly lacking in resources and the increasingly low-carbon environmental awareness.container hotel

The container house is characterized by a modular integrated system with short construction period, high efficiency and little impact on the environment. When it is used, it has low requirements for supporting facilities and can be built on various geological conditions. Convenient to configure the power and water circulation system, it can quickly become an independent living and working system. The modular integration efficiency of the container house and the advantages of the humanized design concept are significantly more in line with the needs of urban construction and development.

The container's derivative buildings are installed quickly, can be pre-designed, have a short construction period, and have low transportation costs. The use of it abroad has long formed a mature industrial chain, and mobile hotels, cafes and shops transformed from containers can often be seen on the streets. In the Olympic Village of London, there is a container building used as a dormitory. This building is as high as seven or eight floors. This is a container building technology innovation.

At the same time, however, we should also note that the “residents” who use container construction lack a standardized safeguard system. The construction of container houses belongs to emerging industries. The whole society does not know much about this and pays insufficient attention to it. There is no corresponding policy support in terms of construction land and planning approval. Therefore, although it is a good thing that container houses provide convenience for people, it should be vigilant and not allow such a community to become a blind spot in management while providing convenience. The development of container construction also puts corresponding requirements on relevant regulations.

It is believed that with the deepening of people's understanding of container construction and the improvement of relevant laws and regulations, more and more container buildings will appear around us.