Container House Market Analysis

- Apr 29, 2020-

The biggest success of containers house in the standardization of its products and the establishment of a complete transport system, which can standardize a huge object loaded with tens of tons, and on this basis, gradually realize the worldwide ship, port, route, road, transit station, bridge, tunnel and multimodal transport logistics system. Containers house are indeed one of the great wonders of human history.

 Container House Market Analysis

First, container monopoly judgment

As the world's leading container manufacturer, China has been shipping goods to various containers around the world for many years. In today's global trade, more than 80% of the total value of goods is transported through containers, which have become the world's largest means of transport.


Second, containers house have good market prospects

1. The development status of the container industry in Shanghai

Container manufacturing mainly includes dry cargo containers, refrigerated containers, tank containers and other types of special containers. Among them, China's production of standard dry cargo containers accounted for more than 95% of the world's production, its production and sales for more than a decade has been ranked first in the world.

2.      The development trend of the container industry

Exports are improving as the world's major developed economies recover. A good foreign trade environment will make the container industry a high degree of prosperity. With the changing transportation market and the improvement of container house technology, the demand for containers will become diversified and complicated in the future. According to mutual collection, at present, the container industry will show the following major trends: 

(1) growing global trade; 

(2) intelligent; 

(3) multimodal transport; 

(4) environmental protection;