Container House In The Philippines

- Jul 02, 2020-

K-home contracted the construction of container house in the Philippines, as a worker ’s dormitory. which included many functions such as office, dormitory, shower room, toilet, kitchen, etc., which greatly improved the convenience of workers ’ lives. The reason why the customer chooses the modular container house is that the  container house has the characteristics of convenient disassembly and assembly, and is easy to move, saving a lot of manpower. The high-quality, short-term characteristics of this project were also well received by the partners and construction workers in the Philippines. 


1.Fast Installation process

The advantage of using a modular container house is that it is quick and easy to install and can be reused. The container house can completely solve these problems: each container house can be transported separately and reused; as long as a few workers can complete the installation. In addition, the packaging and transportation of containers are also very convenient, which can greatly save transportation costs.


2.Perfect Use Function

In this project, K-home container manufacturers not only built dormitories, but also built meeting rooms, management offices, toilets, etc., forming a fully functional building.