Container House Building For Tourist Resort

- Dec 11, 2019-

Khome Steel Structure Co., Ltd., with professional design and advanced technology, manufactures integrated house villas, which are characterized by stable structure, low cost, short construction period, and large space span in the house. They complement the road of sustainable development, which is very suitable for tourist attractions or resorts.

Features of Container House Building

1. The container building is beautiful and high-end in style, unique design, and high-grade materials. According to the site environment and use conditions, different layouts and three-dimensional effects can be designed, which can provide elegant and comfortable living space;

2. Use special connectors to connect with the main structure, the container house system is safe and reliable, heat preservation and energy saving, and environmental protection;

3. The container house adopts light steel structure as the skeleton and color steel sandwich panel as the wall material. The components are connected by bolts, and the space is assembled with standard modulus;

4. The structure design of the container house is reasonable, and the surface of the structure is treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust. At the same time, the fire protection structure is considered to meet the national fire protection regulations.

Container houses are suitable for: tourist resorts, scenic areas, ski resorts, golf courses, various clubs, etc.

container house