Container Hotel Beside The School

- Oct 12, 2019-

There is a container hotel on a primary school playground in Japan. It is located in the primary school playground of the village. This playground is in a semi-derelict state, and few students come to class. In order to make full use of the resources, two container hotels named "TSU-KEN" and "SHIDUKO (Shizuko)" are located here.

container house

The wooden fence encloses two containers to form an independent hotel area. There is a small terrace made of wooden planks in front of the container house. It is a very good experience to appreciate the stars or make a party barbecue in the summer with some friends.

prefab house

Don't think these two containers are small. You may feel a little thin in the playground. But these containers are all processed and have various facilities such as heaters, stoves and Electric blankets, air conditioners as well to maintain the comfortable temperature in the room.

The interior design of the container house is stylish, with natural wood or a brick wallpaper. The kitchen facilities are simple, with a fridge and a cooker to cook.

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