Container Dormitories Can Also Be So Artistic!

- Oct 14, 2019-

Container student dormitory

Location: France LeHavre

Design: K-home

Project Name: A'Docks Container Community

Number of containers: more than 100 units

But not more damage to the original state of the container house


The project adopts the form of container house layering, which does not destroy the original shape of the container too much. On the contrary, this kind of law and neatness gives a rigorous and meticulous attitude, which is very consistent with the atmosphere of the campus.

However, some small designs have escaped from the rigorous academic atmosphere and become a playful and fashionable regulator, showing the unique vibrancy of the students.

More than 100 apartment rooms, each 18 square meters

Don't think that the container building is small and low-rise. This project can accommodate students from all over the school. The practicality and endurance are not lost to traditional architecture.

The rooms are small and lovely, yet warm.

The south-facing design brings a good lighting environment.