Container Coffee Shop Open Today

- Dec 06, 2019-

As a green low-carbon building, container coffee shops are similar to prefabricated steel structures such as container buildings. They have been developed abroad. They can account for about 40% of all residential buildings, which can maximize resource conservation and environmental protection , Reduce pollution, and provide people with a healthy, applicable, and efficient use of space.

Many houses are now brick-concrete structures. In comparison, the container house is a whole building, which is convenient for overall movement and hoisting without damaging the environment inside. Not only that, the container house introduced container elements into the prefabricated building system, retaining the original shape concept of the container, and can complete the flow operation of individual modules in the factory for mass production. Only assembling and splicing is required at the construction site, and the construction time of the house is reduced by more than 60%. This method of replacing the traditional manual stacking method with a mechanized assembly line production mode has saved labor costs by more than 70%. At present, this type of convenient container house has a wide range of applications, such as: tourist attractions, oilfield mines, project sites, new rural construction, military barracks, public facilities, emergency resettlement, and the first choice of earthquake-prone areas.

Container coffee shops combined with the aroma of coffee, lead the concept of new era products, and provide the warmest guarantee for your comfortable life.

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container house (1)

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