Container Accommodation Building Delivery To The Philippines

- Dec 24, 2020-

Project Name: Container Accommodation Building

Manufacturer: K-home Steel Structure Co.,Ltd

Project location: Philippines

Project scale: 22 sets container house

Construction time: 2020

Design Concept: These two container accommodation buildings are composed of standard size containers, with corridors and stairs. Consider the local climate, we also add a second slope roof with an organized gutter and downpipes, which is suitable for rainy areas.

For public toilets and shower room floor waterproof, we changed the PVC leather into the aluminum plate, which is more anti-corrosive and durable. Even when you use the detergent, you don't need to worry about the surface of the floor will be damaged. Besides, because there will be toilets seats, urinals, and other fixtures, so we use the cement floor to replace the MGO board as the underneath material, which will have a strong loading bearing as well as a better waterproof performance.

Container Accommodation

container house