Construction Workers Live In Container Houses, Bid Farewell To Simple Prefab Houses

- Oct 21, 2019-

What else can the container do besides shipping the goods? The answer is to live. On May 6th, the reporter found such a row of container houses at the construction site of the Tokyo Street Bridge in Japan. However, it was not the Internet rumors that it was rented to poor farmers who could not afford to rent a house.

"It was rented by the project department for free." The workers who came to work said, "It is better than the movable board room, soundproof and safe." The workers said that the most important thing is convenience. He has been working outside for more than ten years. He is not a living shed, or a living board house or a container house. For the first time, he has lived for more than three months. A person in charge of the project department said that some projects were completed in a few months, and it took time and effort to take the activity board, and the container house was relocated, just take the car and take it. The reporter saw that there are 19 container houses, each with an area of 18 square meters. Each container house has one door and two windows, which can accommodate 5 to 8 people, and can also be equipped with air conditioning.

The container house is now used a lot on the construction site, and it acts as a board room for the construction site. Some people buy it or rent it for other purposes, such as a commissary, an open noodle restaurant, office, hotel and so on.