Completion Of The Philippines Prefab House International Camp

- Oct 17, 2019-

Philippine Prefab House International Camp

Project Location: Philippines

Site area: 24,000 square meters

Building function: accommodation, meeting room, bathroom

Customer: Philippine Government


This colorful K-type prefab house international camp

Rooted in the land of the Philippines

Designed and produced by K-home.


The K-type prefab house international camp is located on an open land

Covers an area of up to 24,000 square meters

The building is dominated by Chinese red and beige

Combined with wavy colored steel tiles and bright columns

In order to blend in with the style of the Philippines.


Enclosed prefab house international camp

Reasonably expanded the use area and increased open space

At the same time, it is also well integrated with the green hills behind it.

Provided accommodation and office space for the Philippine government

And the space needed for living and entertainment

Such as dormitory, conference room, bathroom, recreation room, etc.


Active and practical co-existing prefab house international camp

Wrapped in dazzling Chinese red

In the field of the Philippines, the trend of Chinese style has been set off.

Become the heart of the locals