Comparison Between Mobile Board Room And Container Mobile Room

- Sep 20, 2016-

[1] Planning: The planning of container movable houses introduces modern household elements, which are superimposed in a single box, and the functions of sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture proof and heat insulation are better; the planning of movable board houses The original equipment such as steel and plate is used as the unit for on-site installation. The functions of sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture proof and heat insulation are poor, and it is necessary to wait until the device is finished to know the effect, which is not conducive to people's comparison choice.

[2] Structural aspects: The container movable room is a whole structure, welded and fixed, more secure, more wind-resistant, more earthquake-resistant, and will not fall apart when it encounters a hurricane, earthquake, or depression, collapse; the movable board room is inlaid Structure, resistance is small, when the foundation is not solid, hurricane, earthquake, etc., simply collapse, fall apart, not safe.

[three] decoration: the floor of the container movable room is tiled, wall, ceiling, water and electricity, doors and windows, exhaust fan and other one-time decoration, permanent use, energy saving and beautiful; and the wall and ceiling of the movable board room Equipment such as water pipes, circuits, lighting, doors and windows, etc. require on-site installations with long construction periods, high losses, and not beautiful.

[four] device: container movable room can be hoisted in the whole box, no need to do concrete roots, 15 minutes of equipment, 1 hour check-in, can be used after connecting the power; and the equipment of the movable board room needs to be the concrete foundation, establish the main body, install the wall Body, hanging ceiling, installation of water and electricity, etc., long time required.

[Five] Application: The planning of container activity room is more humanized, the living and office are more comfortable, and the number of rooms can be increased or decreased at any time, which is convenient and sensitive; while the movable board room has poor sound insulation and fireproof functions, and the living and office comfort are general. After the device is fixed, it is no longer possible to temporarily increase or decrease the number of rooms.

[Six] Moving: The container moving house does not need to be moved. The items in the room can move with the box, no loss, can be hoisted and moved more than a thousand times, and it is convenient and saves money. The items have to be properly picked up, and each time the disassembly and assembly data is expensive and costly, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. After disassembling four or five times, it is basically scrapped.