China Speed-Flat Pack Container Hospital

- Feb 28, 2020-

The hospital was built by 80 container houses, including aisle containers.

pls see the overall structure:


This hospital is an emergency medical building, and the biggest demand is  urgent . The outbreak epidemic with the Spring Festival holiday. Whether it is the organization of building materials, the procurement of medical equipment, or the organization of construction workers, these have encountered different difficulties and challenges.

In this case of time urgency and high requirements for building materials, K-Home container Hospital chose to use containers for modular assembly into medical units, and the hospital was arranged in a rectangular shape according to the terrain.


The hospital is also expected to be completed on March 5.  China Speed  condenses the hard work and sweat of the vast number of builders and highlights the value concept of the supremacy of life. At present, the situation of the epidemic is still complicated and severe. We K-home company will assist China to win this war, make prevention and control work meticulous, and use strong execution to defeat the epidemic.