China's Flat Pack Container Resettlement Houses Successfully Exported To Overseas

- Oct 09, 2019-

Beijing, China, January 11th news (Reporter Yong Yong) "An De Guangsha tens of thousands of rooms, the world is full of happiness." As a safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly, convenient modular integrated housing, "flat pack container "It has been the focus of the global construction market. In particular, the resettlement of victims and refugees in the affected areas and war-torn areas plays an active role in the rapid implementation of humanitarian assistance.


HENAN K-HOME STEEL STRUCTURE CO.,LTD is a private enterprise that successfully exports mobile “mobile house” to 74 countries around the world with modern processes, strict quality assurance system and high social responsibility. The region has won a good international reputation and has become a Chinese-made endorsement.

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The so-called "falt pack" is a popular name in the industry, specifically an upgraded container house that can be retracted freely. The prefabricated walls, top frames, bottom frames, corner posts and other components and modules that are prefabricated in the factory are “packaged” and transported to the site. Even the foundation does not need to be used. It can be quickly restored into an integrated system after a simple installation. Houses, after different arrangements and combinations, can form different styles of dormitory, camp, hotel, office. During the 20-year lifespan, each “flat pack house” can be disassembled and transported multiple times, and the loss rate per turnaround is extremely low.

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On January 6, the Chinese government assisted Myanmar's 100 package boxes to be officially delivered to Myanmar. Myanmar Minister of Construction Wu Wenkai and Minister of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Wen Miaoyi expressed gratitude for China's assistance and produced the resettlement houses. The company is Suzhou Tiandi Zhizhi Company. The reporter learned from Suzhou Tiandi Zhixing Company that the Chinese Ministry of Commerce had carefully studied and investigated the refugee resettlement houses in Myanmar, and finally selected the packaged houses with the highest quality and performance to meet the highest standards of temporary construction houses. Safety, comfort, aesthetics and convenience have reached the world's leading level.


HENAN K-HOME STEEL STRUCTURE CO., LTD, which is dedicated to “shading the world”, has successfully completed tasks in post-earthquake reconstruction in Fukushima, Japan, and post-earthquake reconstruction in Nepal. In particular, the design plan for post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction for Nepal won the appreciation and acceptance of the Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal.

HENAN K-HOME STEEL STRUCTURE CO., LTD Chairman said: "As a private enterprise, the Ministry of Commerce has been selected as a supplier to participate in the government's foreign aid. I am very grateful and more eager to strengthen our quality. Redefining the confidence and determination of China's temporary construction projects.