Change Yourself, Do Detailed Marketing

- Sep 17, 2019-

At 18:30 on September 16, 2019, the K-home weekly morning meeting and the "Growing One Hour" column were held in the company meeting room as scheduled. The meeting was hosted by Ms Ava, general manager of the marketing department. All the members of the marketing department attended the meeting. The meeting discussed in detail how marketers do detailed marketing.

At the meeting, Ms Ava analyzed the current operation of the company and said that with the joint efforts of all employees, the company's sales performance in 2019 continued to grow steadily. Business personnel must not only maintain the after-sales service of old customers, but also learn to actively develop new customers, continuously enrich their product knowledge, improve communication skills with customers, and grasp the details of marketing to meet customer needs. For the marketing department, the rise in performance is a return to the company's unconditional trust, and it is also affirmation of self-adhering to detailed marketing.

Detail marketing is a great test for the care and patience of marketers. It requires marketers to be customer-oriented at all times, to be considerate of their customers, and to do their best to satisfy the customer's spirit without prejudice to the company's interests. And the dual needs of matter. In recent years, K-home organization professionals have trained the marketing staff in detail, from personal image to product solution to an expression, an action... committed to perfection.

Finally, Ms Ava said that the marketing department should always adhere to the details of marketing, starting from the nuances, establishing a "quick, immediate, immediate" marketing approach, to create a sales team that is invincible!