Build A Two-storey Modular Building In 3 Hours

- Aug 09, 2019-

How to build a second-floor building within 3 hours? According to the traditional architectural model, this is impossible. But now, the development of new materials and the emergence of modular building construction concepts have made it possible!

At the construction site, the construction workers operate the cranes and walkie-talkies, and successively hoist the modules. The first floor of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are assembled. Then, the second floor terrace, bedroom and multi-purpose room are assembled. In less than three hours, the entire second-floor villa was successfully built.

How is the speed of building such fast? The relevant person in charge said that 90% of the building construction process of the villa has been completed at the factory, only the assembly process is left. If the traditional building materials and construction methods are still used, the two-storey villa will be built for at least 6 months.

modular building

Modular Building is energy efficient and environmentally friendly

This modular building was actually built from a number of modules, with an average of 19 square meters per module, with high-strength fastening connections between each other, which can save energy, water and materials more than traditional buildings.

Besides, there was no traditional construction waste on the site of the villa construction, and the noise during the construction process was small. According to the staff, in the splicing process of the building structure module, the operation process is like building blocks, the house is broken down into several modules, unified design and manufactured in the factory, assembled on site according to the drawing, so the construction site cannot see any traditional construction waste.

container house

How is the quality? This modular building can withstand magnitude 9 earthquake

The spectacular construction process has excited many citizens, but at the same time it has also raised doubts: If you build a small villa so soon, can the quality be guaranteed?

In this regard, the relevant person in charge said that this modular house adopts the full assembly of steel structure, which is the internationally recognized building structure with the best seismic performance, and has passed the high standard inspection by relevant state departments. The ability to resist the magnitude 9 earthquake, the built houses can be safely and assuredly inhabited.

The modular building construction demonstration fully reflects the detailed process of building industrialization and is a challenge and revolution to the traditional way of building residential buildings. This will greatly contribute to the leap-forward transformation and upgrading of the modernization of the residential industry, as well as the overall trend of the development of the world's construction industry.