Build A School With Flat Pack Container House

- Dec 16, 2019-

Schools built with detachable Flat Pack Container House are very suitable for areas with insufficient educational resources. Each module unit of the school assembled with packing containers is produced according to complete industrial standards, and then only the components prefabricated in the factory need to be transported to the required place, and the contents inside can be assembled and put into use. It is easy to dismantle and can be recycled. This is an effective solution to the problem of lack of educational resources. At the same time, it is also a new international leading architectural model.


Some people may question that a house built with Flat Pack Containers is not suitable as a classroom. But if we add some materials to these foundations, then it can be used as a competent classroom. These accessories include solar panels, pipes, cisterns, awnings, desks, chairs and more. When the box itself and these accessories are all assembled, the entire building forms an independent energy and resource system that can provide solar power and clean water and air.

The standard size of a Flat Pack Container : length 6055mm, width 2990mm, height 2791mm. Considering space usage, the box can be expanded to build a classroom on the first floor, and it can also be stacked on the second or third floor. One packing conatiner can provide basic teaching units; two packing boxes can be assembled to form a spacious and well-equipped large classroom that can accommodate at least 20 children to school; three packing conatiner can be assembled to form a children's playground and books. Museum, etc.


Assembling schools with Flat Pack Containers not only protects the resident environment, but also saves costs. Schools set up with packing conatiners can be operated in any place in the world that can provide such an educational environment as solar energy, clean water and good air circulation. Electricity generated by solar panels on the roof can be used by laptops, projectors, and LED lights; clean water can be obtained through rainwater collection and purification.

Schools built with Flat Pack Containers have certain advantages: on the one hand, the construction period is short, and the entire campus from selection, design, and assembly takes only a few months or even less; on the other hand, it is rugged and durable, with Strong anti-seismic, wind-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-deformation ability is also very good, the service life can reach more than 20 years.