Australia Customer Came To Our Factory To Visit The Container House

- Jul 13, 2018-

On July 5th, 2018, our Australia customers came to visit our company.Our Business managers lead customers to visit our factory workshops and equipment, warehouses etc., 


We detailed introduce our products and answer customer questions. Such as, the size of the container house, the thickness of the steel plate, the fire rating of the wallboard, the service life, the application field, the transport and , and the after-sales service and so on. The customer has a deep understanding of our products. 


Customers View The Thickness Of the Steel Plate


Customers Visit The Factory Workshop

In addition, we took customers to visit some container house projects on construction site ,The customer expressed big satisfaction with our house. 


We emphasize to customers  that we focus on prefab modular house development, which can be designed and customized free of charge according to customer needs. The customer really feels the quality of our products, service and factory strength, very satisfied with our company.