About The Dubai Workers’ Camp Project, “Going To The World ”

- Aug 09, 2019-

Recently, K-home's latest workers' camp project is coming to an end, waiting to be shipped to Dubai, the wealthiest city in the Middle East. The final delivery of the project means that K-home's international strategy has been further enhanced.


The Dubai Workers Camp project consists of 20 container dormitories, 5 standard container offices, 4 standard container toilets, and 1 standard container warehouse; the bathroom is mainly used for accommodation of staff at the Dubai Oilfield Base. The Dubai Workers' Camp is a combination of accommodation, office and living areas; it has built-in dormitories, public toilets, public showers, furniture and household appliances; thus meeting the full range of needs of oilfield workers' lives and work. All fitting materials are fully CE compliant and the entire project is independently designed, manufactured and installed by K-home.

As a leader in the modular housing industry, K-home is constantly striving for perfection and is committed to providing its customers with the best modular homes.