About K-home Ethiopian Exhibition Was Successfully Held

- May 04, 2019-

At the invitation of Ethiopia, we participated in the Ethiopia International Trade Fair from May 2nd to May 4th local time. K-home is moving towards the world, and the quality of housing is gaining worldwide recognition!

Many customers at the site are very interested in our prefab house, container house, light steel villa and other products, and inquire carefully, our colleagues at the venue on the customer's problems: from the design, budget, manufacturing, and installation of the house, etc. We are patiently answering and show our customers the project we have completed. The customer is very satisfied with us. We fFocus on prefab modular house development. Our high-quality products and professional team experience have won the praise of the on-site customers!

Enthusiastic customers who are curious about our products:


There are also K-home samples to attend the show:


Exhibition site:



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