A Small Trick To Remove The Smell Of Container Toilets

- Oct 16, 2015-

The smell of the container toilet is an important source of pollution in the bedroom. The floor drain of the container toilet and the taste of the gas are hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methyl mercaptan, helium, methane, ethane, etc. These gases are not only different in taste, but still intense. Toxic, such as hydrogen sulfide, some households in order to eliminate the difference in toilet odor, take a spray perfume, or hang a long-term release of air aroma stick.

In fact, these methods are not advisable. They use an odor to cover up another odor and do not remove the following odor pollution. In addition, perfumes or perfumes are harmful to some skin allergens and may cause allergic diseases. Including asthma and itchy skin. In particular, artificial aromatic hydrocarbons are mostly organic compounds with certain toxicity. Therefore, the method of spraying perfume should not be used to cover up the different smells of the bathroom.

Here are a few of the wonderful smells of the bathroom. If you put a cup of balsamic vinegar in a portable toilet, the smell will disappear. The vinegar is usually used for 6-7 days, which means you should change the vinegar once a week. Put a box of cool oil in the bathroom and keep removing the odor. A box of cool oil can be used for 2 months to 3 months.

Buy two of your favorite jars, put them in a bottle, put them in a container of toilet, and occasionally drop a few drops of perfume. If the conditions agree, it is best to put some flowers. Lemon is the best deodorant, will Cut the fresh lemon into slices, dry and place in a container in the toilet to prevent mold and odor. Be careful not to put the lemon slices directly on the ceramic surface to avoid traces.

A variety of condiments are also good deodorants, large information, pepper, fragrant leaves, cinnamon can not only compensate for the good taste, but also can declare a pleasant aroma. Green plants and fruits are the best deodorant. Such as pears , melons, pumpkins, etc., put them on the toilet tank, the environment is beautiful, the aroma is natural. It is important to note that as a deodorant, melons and fruits should not be washed, and can be scrubbed with a dry rag when needed.

Check whether the venting port of the container toilet is blocked, and adhere to the outstanding pumping effect. If the natural ventilation is not good, ventilate and ventilate every 2-3 hours, about 15 minutes each time. The bathroom with floor drain can be installed in the nozzle. Floor drain and deodorant, the intention to deodorize. Or cover the floor drain with a soft, flexible, non-ventilated rubber sheet. Remove the screen with a floor drain. Keep the toilet clean, clean the toilet every day, remove waste, do not hang clothes in the container In the toilet. Do not store dirty clothes in the container toilet.