11 Units Container House Send To Puerto Rico

- Aug 14, 2020-

On July 29th, we deliver 11 units to Puerto Rico, the house including family living house, worker dormitory, and commercial container.

The loading process as below, 

Firsly, we load heavy steel strucute on the bottom of the shipping container, such as, beams, columns, purlins, corner joints, etc. 

Then put the sandwich panel above them.


The container house have widely applications, from the pictures you will find our house is assembled by each parts, we send all the parts to your port, then it should make assemble at site. 

The room space can be easily enlarged by adding more units.

It widely accept by the market, because compare to the traditional building, it has fast assemble, low foundation request, eaco friendly, easy to enlarge, low cost and durable characters. 

What's more, if you want to move your house, just disassmble it, and take all the parts with you to your next location, and assemble again. 

You won't get this benefit from traditional house.