100 Units Of Foldable Container House Produced By K-home Were Shipped To Afghanistan

- Jan 05, 2020-

On January 5, 2020, 100 sets of foldable container house (also called container refugee housing) produced by K-home were shipped to Afghanistan's refugee camps under the coordination of many parties. These foldable container houses are resettlement houses for the Afghan refugees provided by the Ministry of Commerce of China. The entire process from product design, production to installation and transportation is entrusted to Henan K-home Steel Structure Co., Ltd. The time is tight, the task is heavy, and the quality is high. After more than 20 days of hard work, 100 sets of folding boxes carrying quality and strength made in China were delivered on time and on schedule.

foldable container house

Container Refugee Housing Design

K-home is a private enterprise in Henan with 13 years of manufacturing experience. The company's five major product systems include worker accommodation camps, portable classrooms, construction site offices, mobile military camps, and refugee shelter houses were sold to 76 countries and regions around the world; partners include China Railway, China Construction, Sinopec Fortune 500 companies.

foldable container house

Container Refugee Housing Layout