Worker camp living house, Office Container, Accommodation Container could save cost?

- Jul 31, 2019-

We know that the cost of many things is very high. For those who want to work on the construction site for a long time, housing itself is a matter of high cost. Therefore, many people choose to live in the Worker camp living house during their work, because this can effectively reduce costs and gain more profit margins!.

Most container Worker camp living house are decorated in blue and white as the main color. A large enterprise has only installed more than ten rows of container activities, and each row has a distance of twenty or thirty meters. It can be said that in fact, there is a large demand for container mobile homes in industrial parks. These needs also illustrate the market for container mobile homes.

A person in charge of an industrial company said that the factory he built was mainly used to process various textiles. Because there is no need to install a row crane on the roof, the roof will not be used normally, as long as the factory seal is guaranteed. This compares the container Worker camp living house that is still the most cost-effective method. Compared with the construction plant, the cost of the Worker camp living house is lower by several hundred thousand yuan. In addition, in the event that the company needs to be relocated in the later period, these container mobile homes can continue to be used.

Worker camp living house

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