Wide Applications of Portable Cabin

- May 29, 2020-

Portable Cabin has a wide range of uses, specifically where is it suitable?

1. Temporary housing construction

Regardless of the urban or rural areas, people must first apply for approval for building a house, even if they are building a temporary house, they must also apply for approval in advance. This problem can be effectively avoided by using a portable cabin because the mobile room can be removed by crane at any time.

2. Pavement facing the street (road)

On the street and on the roadside, there is an open space for you. What if you want to open a shop temporarily? A portable cabin is your best choice.

3. Venue office

Cargo yard, field water conservancy project construction, etc. require office space, the portable cabin is the only choice.

4. Police box and special housing

The portable is also suitable for all kinds of special rooms such as sentry boxes, newsstands, and power distribution rooms, which can be customized according to requirements.

5. Construction site dormitory

Traditionally, construction sites have chosen to use portable cabins as worker dormitories, which is fast installation and cost-effective.