Why modular building is the best choice for future architecture?

- Aug 21, 2019-

Container home takes containers as the main element, and the houses are prefabricated by means of assembly lines. The interior and exterior decoration are all manufactured in the factory. After flat compression and transportation or assembly, the whole container is moved and moved to the destination.

At present, container house is widely used in the fields of architecture, business, culture, entertainment, public welfare, automotive, medical and other fields due to its unique functionality, environmental protection, creativity and mobility.

container hosue hotel

Perfect functionality

As container buildings become more and more popular, their perfect functionality is also realized.

(1) The exterior is sturdy, has certain strength, rigidity and specifications, and has excellent seismic resistance (8 grade) and wind resistance (11 grade) performance, and the service life is more than 20 years;

(2) Large capacity, can be stacked up and down, left and right extension, etc. 360° combination;

(3) The installation is fast and the four workers can complete the single box installation for half a day;

(4) Completely furnished, you can stay in the bag.


Extraordinary environmental protection

The mobile container home is easy to recycle, movable, and can be used in turnover, as well as new environmentally friendly materials that are fireproof, waterproof, heat-insulating, and sound-proof, making it less environmentally demanding and capable of adapting to the environment.

(1) The recycling rate is high and can be recycled many times;

(2) Low loss, more than 90% of the material can be recycled for reuse;

(3) Low-carbon environmental protection, less construction waste, and greatly reduced environmental damage compared to traditional buildings.


Unlimited creativity

Through the creative design of containers, it is possible to integrate various concepts such as culture, history and brand, and to increase the use of space through rational design, and make full use of bionics such as termite nesting and swallow nest to create uniqueness.

The creativity of container house is mainly reflected in the novelty of the exterior, the comfort and beauty of the interior and the rationalization of the space transformation.

At present, container building has been applied in various fields, resulting in a variety of container + products: container + residential, container + office, container + hotel, container + home, container + supermarket...


Unique mobility

The basic attributes of the container exist as a carrier of transport, and the container building retains its excellent mobility characteristics to a greater extent.

(1) Flat and compressed transportation, which can greatly save space and save 3/4 freight;

(2) Full container transportation, can be sent directly to the destination, no need to install again, the bag can be accommodated.


Recently, container house has been accepted and used by more and more people, and has been extended to various fields.

Like all modular building companies that are containerized, K-home is committed to the exploration and creation of containers for life, and is determined to change the world with modular architecture!