Why do people choosing container housing structures in recent years?

- Mar 27, 2020-

Why do people choosing container housing structures in recent years?

In the current different project buildings, mobile houses are a type of building that is used more frequently. Due to its advantages of convenient and rapid installation, no construction waste is generated. Relatively low cost is some of the characteristics, so it has been widely used in many industries.

We have a lot of things to do before the mobile home is installed. The first thing to do is to strictly check the quality of the board. The mobile home must be ruled out and replaced with damaged or deformed or unusable boards. Another thing that cannot be forgotten is that Check whether the fixing devices such as bolts, waterproof rings, metal pads and so on are complete. When we surface mount a mobile room, what must not be overlooked is the flatness, and each different connection device must be aligned.

The ordinary movable board room is generally a single-piece combination structure. The functions of heat insulation, moisture resistance and sound insulation are not so ideal, and it does not meet the standards required by people. The box room is designed with a sandwich, and the sandwich has the effect of thermal insulation. The physical principle is The interlayer is filled with glass wool wool, a material that plays a thermal and fireproof role. Therefore, box rooms are more suitable for people's office and living than mobile board rooms.

The interior decoration of the box-type room is more humane. The interior decoration of the old-fashioned model room was a headache. The interior can only be simplely decorated, and the installation of water, electricity and gas is a big problem. This makes the requirements High consumers are very dissatisfied. The current box-type room manufacturers' box-type rooms have completely solved this problem. Not only can they carry out luxurious interior decoration, but also improve the problem of water, electricity and gas.