Why Container house is more and more popular now?

- Apr 10, 2020-


Now more and more people would prefab to use container house now, trust you have been seen this house somewhere else before. No matter in the crowded city center, or in a remote land, and the container house can be disguise itself, maybe you are sitting inside a very beauifl decorated coffer bar drinking a coffe, you don’t know this is a light steel frame container house building already.

Why people prefer to choose container house than make a permanent construction building? We will analyse from the following way:

l  Installation time: 3 professional engineers could assemble 2 container house in one day, each standard unit is 18 square meters.

l  Recycle to use: the container house use light steel as the frame and enclosed with sandwitch panel, all the parts are connected with bolts and nuts, so it means all the parts can be disassemble , if under good maintance, the container could be recycled for at least three times.

l  Labor expensive: if the permanent building, make construction building will need takes dozens of labor, and the long construction period.

l  Low foundation request: no need make a deep foundation, just need a flat concreat place.

It has two kinds of foundation shows as below