Why choose a quick pack house

- Dec 02, 2019-

The characteristics of the integrated housing of the quick box housing are the professional design, which fully meets people's requirements for living, such as the heat insulation, heat resistance, and sound insulation of the house. The quick box housing is not only professional, but also has standardized, modular, and universal housing customization. Into.
K-Home is a company specializing in the production of quick-latch houses, box houses, container houses, container houses, resident integrated houses, mobile integrated houses, and color steel house modular houses with the mission of "protecting the world from wind and rain".
The use of the storage space of the LCL house has made people discover the scope of its expansion, and people have gradually changed from the concept of containers. This change in the customization of LCL houses is a space that humans are seeking now. Living conditions and development of environmental awareness.
In recent years, the concept of "container" housing has changed radically. The LCL housing has formed a modular, standardized, and large-scale production line of house building thinking. It completely surpasses hobbies from design, manufacturing, transportation, and installation. In the category, custom-made LCL housing has become a form of commercial housing development.
K-Home is a professional company dedicated to the manufacture, maintenance, modification, and renovation of box-type houses and box-type mobile homes. It has energy-saving and environmental protection, simple and fast combination, light weight, movable and reusable, earthquake resistance, and wind resistance Applicable product advantages such as temporary facilities.

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